About Us

The principals of Whitford Partners have managed hundreds of investments on behalf of investors across nearly every real estate asset class: multi-family, residential,
office, industrial/warehouse, hospitality and lodging facilities. With over 30 years of combined experience, they’ve worked together for more than a decade across
various value-added disciplines including investment management, construction, property management, asset management, brokerage, capital markets, leasing and
corporate finance.

Our Mission

We started our careers in rigorous institutional settings focused on downside investment protection. We bring this level of financial analysis, coupled with exceptional
client service, to local real estate investors. Most Boston property management companies are general service brokerage businesses that look at property management as
an afterthought. Whitford, however, offers a thorough understanding of industry fundamentals, capital markets insights, and full service property management services
to all of its clients, no matter the size. We deliver high quality financial reporting, rigorous controls, clear communication with our clients, and superior customer service.